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 ojesus[TOO] vs The Reaper

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ojesus[TOO] vs The Reaper Empty
PostSubject: ojesus[TOO] vs The Reaper   ojesus[TOO] vs The Reaper EmptyMon Jan 26, 2009 4:13 pm

Attacker Ojesus [2:31:12]
Weapons: 560 % Shields: 560 % Armor: 560 %
Type B.ship Bomber Destroyer. Battlecruiser

Defender The Reaper [2:14:1]
Weapons: 410 % Shields: 370 % Armor: 340 %

The attacker has won the battle !
You recieve 782.365.075.000 units of Metal, 782.365.075.000 units of Crystal, 782.365.075.000 units of Deuterium and 333.015.600 units of Tachyon Particles.
The attacker has lost a total of 24.215.000 units.
The defender has lost a total of 11.596.536.318.050 units.
A debris field containing 649.940.302.530 units of Metal and 566.891.087.700 units of Crystal has formed in orbit around the planet.
The probability of creating a moon is : 20 %

Lol another very nice target today is a very tasty day around this Uni may i ask why in the world you all leave your fleets laying around ahha geek
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ojesus[TOO] vs The Reaper
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